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Smartphones/ Tablets

As businesses embrace mobility and push to extend mobile applications out Their ability to be instantly alive and still have access to business systems and information on an easy to read the screen with intuitive user interface tools.

GSM Desk Phones

Mobile powered desk phones are perfect for flexible businesses that perhaps need to expand quickly or perhaps have the need for a pop-up office. The hot dialing function allows these phones to automatically call a predefined number when the handset is lifted. These types of handsets have varied applications, from having a fixed line on a construction site, using the hot dialing to deploy the phone as a booking method in a taxi firm or even to enable a hotel to put a telephone in every room without having to run lots of expensive and unsightly cables.

Pop up office

Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to get connected, thankfully DBComms can quickly deploy a Mi-Fi Unit or a GSM router, choosing from a Fixed IP Sim, Single 3G or 4G sim or indeed a bonded sim solution depending on your usage and requirements.

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