Mobile and Fixed IP Data

Making the Internet of things

- the Internet of 'your' things

Through our partner network we can help make the internet of things, the internet of your things. Mobile Data SIMs and the Fixed IP Data SIMs are used to allow data to be routed to any web-connected device, via 3G or 4G router, this can be used to pass inbound and outbound traffic.

Mobile Control

Mobile Data SIMS and Fixed IP data sims offer connectivity for many applications, including remote control, live monitoring and real-time analysis of applications like building management systems, CCTV, solar panels, heating systems, servers, routers and data centers.

Mobile Access

In an outage or a planned mobile environment, Mobile and Fixed IP sims can be used to provide connectivity to multiple devices like software applications, databases, VoIP phones, LAN networks and other resources

Mobileā€¦but secure

For added security we can lock down and control the internet access of a business user or specific device, our IP Sims can be incorporated into a managed VPN using private IP addresses with the data traffic securely delivered to your own corporate network.

Mobile and Fixed IP Data

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