Corporate Networks

From Lands End to John O'Groats, we can seamlessly connect your office locations, as if they were one

Scalable and Secure Corporate network

We can connect the geographically diverse locations in your business via a corporate MPLS network, providing a scalable and secure, private solution - delivering greater efficiency and cost savings. Our Wide Area Network (WAN) solution supports fast high-volume data transfer through a choice of access technologies, including broadband, fibre and ethernet, servers, routers and data centers.

Improved User Experience 

By prioritising time-sensitive traffic such as VoIP, the MPLS offers multiple layers of service, allowing us to apply settings and priorities to different types of data.

Increased Bandwidth Optimisation

Converging voice, and high and low priority traffic on a managed connection, you can share available bandwidth to give priority to traffic like VoIP when required or to allow low priority traffic to pass quicker when the network is quieter.

Reduced Network Congestion 

The MPLS network provides sophisticated traffic management options that mean the data latency is reduced on the network i.e. the delay in sending/receiving data. The traffic management also reduces the congestion on your network, meaning optimum speed.

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